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"...Roman's tutorials on his page are awesome. Become a patron and support his effort"
Peter Kotrčka (@kotrckap)

"Appreciating your time & effort to help people to switch to BSD. :) Such nice to see people with motivation to help others"
k4m1 (@_k4m1_)

"You're an absolute reference for those who love Unix systems like me, thanks..."
b3h3m0th (@b3h3m0th)

"...@romanzolotarev is amazing :)"
Tom Van Looy (@tvlooy)

"Great! You influenced many people."
Vetelko @vetelko

"Thanks 🙏 You inspired me. 🙂"
Ilmari Vacklin (@wolverian)

" motivate to share the knowledge"
Antranig Vartanian (@antranigv)

"Thanks to you, Roman. (especially for the tools you've mentioned that I wouldn't have discovered on my own)"
V6Shell(Jeff) (@v6shell)

"...Brilliant philosophy there."
Geoff English (@DryLabRebel)

"I like your style, you go to the root!"
Jonas B. Rossi (@rossijonas)

"Special thanks to @romanzolotarev without whom I wouldn't venture many things - including this one 👏"
Marina Kuznetsova (@healdementia)

"Hey Roman, I absolutely love watching your adventure through BSD land via Twitter!"
Ben Brunzel (@asciijungle)

"@romanzolotarev inspired me to create my new #webpage - I'll test some ideas there. I'm going to learn so much :-)"
Peter Kotrčka (@kotrckap)

"@romanzolotarev your tweets made me write my first ed(1) powered refactoring. I thought you would've been proud to know. ;)"
Giulio Eulisse (@ktf)

"Roman you have inspired me. I'm starting a project this weekend on @vultr with #OpenBSD and #Erlang..."
BrutusUnix (@BrutusUnix)

"I enjoyed reading your posts. Great content. There's a few things I'm going to research now. Thanks!"
z2h (@_1gbps)

"Roman thanks for sharing all this information. Really is helpful especially to new comers to the project."
Josh Stephens (@tuxbsd)

"@romanzolotarev liking your style! We should meet one day"
Kai Hendry (@kaihendry)

"Sounds good. Thanks again for all of your awesome work! Truly appreciate it :)"
Diego Casati (@diegocasati)

"Not to mention provide an inspiration about the unix os and its tools and philosophies. Your new script really got me fired up again on learning unix and its tools and the tinkering spirit"
Josh Stephens (@tuxbsd)

"Dagnabbit. Now you've got me interested in (re)learning some CVS to (re)gain some proficiency at it. I thought I had one of the O'Reilly books ("Essential CVS" or "CVS Pocket Reference") in my ebook collection but apparently not. 🤔"
Tim Chase (@gumnos)

"Damn you are a machine!! Building tons of stuff."
EssentialOS=OpenBSD (@BrutusUnix)