Can you watch other people working forever? I can’t help but watch other people teach.

Screencasts for programmers

Looking for top-notch screencasts? You are on the right page.

I like watching screencasts better than reading books or documentation. Don’t get me wrong, I love books and I am a happy user of Elm, OpenBSD, Stripe, and Vim; their documentation is exceptionally good.

When it comes to learning a new programming language, to grasping complex abstractions, I prefer to start with screencasts. It’s easier for me to learn from concrete examples narrated by an experienced programmer. Learning should not be mind-bending all the time.

Another thing I appreciate about screencasts is that they give me a chance to see industry leaders working with their tools. By looking at someone else’s screen you can make accidental discoveries and learn about tools and techniques you never knew existed, one little thing at a time.

All the screencasts listed on this page are well made and cover everything you need to know as a professional programmer: from command line tools and text editors to advanced programming practices and lambda calculus.

Beware: My selection is a bit skewed to the web development world.


My favorites are highlighted with a star (★).
Updated on May 20, 2017.

Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript (2016) by Brian Lonsdorf ★
29 episodes of JavaScript, FP

Building Web Apps with Elm (2016-2017) by Mike and Nicole Clark ★
22 episodes of Elm

Developing With Elixir/OTP (2017) by Mike and Nicole Clark ★
22 episodes of Elixir

Destroy All Software (2011-2017) by Gary Bernhardt ★
100 episodes of computation, OOP, Unix, Rails, Python, TDD, Vim
29 USD monthly

Vim Videos (2009-2013) by Derek Wyatt ★
28 episodes of Vim

Vim Casts (2010-2014) by Drew Neil ★
68 episodes of Vim, VimScript, Unix

Classroom Coding with Prof. Frisby (2015) by Brian Lonsdorf ★
3 episodes of JavaScript, FP

Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript (2015) by Brian Lonsdorf ★
45 episodes of JavaScript, FP

Elmseeds (2016-2017) by Erik Person 
35 episodes of Elm

DailyDrips (2016-2017) by Josh Adams 
500+ episodes of Elixir, Elm, HTML, CSS, Ember, React Native, R
20 USD monthly

ElmLive (2016-2017) by Aaron VonderHaar 
100+ episodes of Elm

KnowThen (2016) by James Moore 
90 episodes of Elm, React, Go, RethinkDB

Learn Elixir (2016) by Daniel Berkompas 
28 episodes of Elixir

Learn Phoenix (2016) by Daniel Berkompas 
17 episodes of Elixir, Phoenix

Take off with Elixir (2015) by Rob Conery 
Elixir, Phoenix

Lambda Island (2016-2017) by Arne Brasseur 
30 episodes of Clojure, Emacs
12 USD monthly

Hack Emacs (2012) by Rick Dillon 
13 episodes of Emacs

React for Beginners (2016-2017) by Wes Bos 
30 episodes of React, Firebase

Redux (2015-2016) by Dan Abramov 
57 episodes of React, Redux

Peer to Peer (2014-2016) by Drew Neil 
10 episodes of Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell

Evented Mind (2012-2016) by Chris Mather 
143 episodes of JavaScript, React, Meteor, Node.js, git
29 USD monthly

Mijingo (2011-2016) by Ryan Irelan 
CMS, Git, HTML, CSS, Python, Jekyll

Jekyll Tips (2016-2017) by CloudCannon 
100+ episodes of Jekyll, MacOS

Sysadmin Casts (2015-2017) by Justin Weissig 
51 episodes of AWS, Unix, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet

CSS Tricks (2008-2017) by Chris Coyier 
154 episodes of CSS

Test-Driven JavaScript (2012-2017) by James Shore 
25 USD monthly

.Emacs Tutorials (2015) by Chris Forno 
9 episodes of Emacs

Emacs Rocks (2011-2014) by Magnar Sveen 
23 episodes of Emacs

Parens of the dead (2014-2015) by Magnar Sveen 
8 episodes of Clojure

GoRails (2014-2017) by Chris Oliver 
189 episodes of Rails
19 USD monthly

RubyTapas (2012-2017) by Avdi Grimm 
479 episodes of Ruby
18 USD monthly

Talk Python Training (2015-2017) by Michael Kennedy 
Python, MongoDB, Pyramid, REST, SQL

NSScreencast (2012-2016) by Ben Scheirman 
250+ episodes of iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode
9 USD monthly

Level Up Tutorials (2012-2017) by Scott Tolinski 
800+ episodes of Meteor, React, Angular, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Sketch, Sass, Stylus, PostCSS, Java

Code School (2009-2016) by Brian Will 
Hardware, OS, programming, OOP, JavaScript, Python

Neckbeard Republic (2013) by Mahdi Yusuf 
27 episodes of Python

EmberSchool (2016-2017) by Jeffrey Biles 

EmberScreencasts (2014-2017) by Jeffrey Biles 
193 episodes of Ember, JavaScript

Handmade Hero (2014-2016) by Casey Muratori 
384 episodes of C++, Win32

Brackeys (2012-2017) by Asbjørn Thirslund 
200+ episodes of C#, JavaScript, Unity

Game Development Tutorials (2012-2017) by Sebastian Lague 
100+ episodes of Unity, C#

Drifting Ruby (2015-2017) by Dave Kimura 
80 episodes of Rails, JavaScript

Schools and Stores

Explore these online schools and stores to find more courses.

Angular, React, Elm, JavaScript, RxJs, Node.js, D3
40 USD monthly

Rails, Vim, JavaScript, Unix, Ruby, OOP/FP, Git
29 USD monthly

Frontend Masters
39 USD monthly

29 USD monthly

Ray Wenderlich
Swift, iOS, Android, macOS, Apple Game Frameworks, Unity
20 USD monthly

Linux Academy
Linux, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, DevOps, BigData
29 USD monthly

Code School
HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, iOS, Git, .Net, SQL, MongoDB
29 USD monthly

GitHub On Demand Training
Git, GitHub

Caster IO
Android, RxJava, Material Design, Espresso
15 USD monthly

PHP, Laravel, testing, JavaScript, tooling, HTML
9 USD monthly

Swift, Python, JavaScript, Java, and many more

I do not include some good education platforms (like Udemy, Udacity, Treehouse, Coursera, Envato Tuts+, and Codeacademy) because their catalogs are kind of broad.

What’s your favorite screencast? Email me a link.