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Learn macOS/BSD userland and help your team to master command line tools for building the web.

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People are saying...

“A few months ago, after a 10 year hiatus from @openbsd, @romanzolotarev’s posts got me installing 6.3… Fast forward to today (and 6.4), I’ve consolidated four #Debian boxes into a single Intel NUC and couldn’t be happier: small, power efficient and easy! Dev laptop is next!”

Andrew Vieyra

“I just found ssg! You are so damn cool. I love your approach to things.”

Derek Sivers

“Been learning a lot of BSD and specifically OpenBSD from Roman. This is a great website.”

Isak Holmström

“Thanks Roman for all your documentation work … and all your guides for people who have yet to learn the knowledge they seek is in the man pages… thanks for your work on making BSD more accessible …

Tom Smyth

“You’re an absolute reference for those who love Unix systems like me, thanks…”


“Your articles are awesome, really readable! Thank’s for such work and such free sharing.”


“Roman thanks for sharing all this information. Really is helpful especially to new comers to the project.”

Josh Stephens

“If you haven’t met @romanzolotarev yet, this #OpenBSD hacker is the #MacGyver of the web. If aliens invade and take away all the shiny MacBooks and destroy JS (please come!), to Roman we should call for help! With just coreutils + a few packages, he can rebuild the internet 4all”

Leon Stafford

“Roman — a true inspiration. His insights, writings and occasional ramblings are what pushed me to write and share. And he continues to be the number one drive. Roman, you redefine awesome. Thank you!”


“Your shell kung fu is too awesome 👍”

Ashish Kurian Thomas

“…I adore your bsd texts.”

Isak Holmström

“Really like what you’re doing with your tips, scripts and other contributions concerning OpenBSD :) I think it’s just in line with the thinking behind OpenBSD (and UNIX in general); simple but powerful tools with clear instructions.”

Hans Solo

“I followed another one of @romanzolotarev’s awesome guides to set up a remote git host on #OpenBSD. My mind is still blown because of how easy it was! Thanks, Roman!”


"I wish I’ve read this earlier. …thanks @romanzolotarev”


“Damn you are a machine!! Building tons of stuff.”


“Got full control over my #OpenBSD VM at @OpenBSDAms @mischapeters and @romanzolotarev are doing great work for users and community.”


“I’ve used #OpenBSD on email servers and firewalls since 3.0 (2001) and briefly as my family home computer ~3.6 (2004). But kudos to @romanzolotarev whose consistent advocacy and engagement in the community has spurred me to move my main work laptop there for the first time. Thx!”

Seth Hanford

“Thank you to all OpenBSD developers for making every workday sane and secure. Thank you @mischa for @OpenBSDAms. Thank you @romanzolotarev for writing proper tutorials, which I can sent to colleagues…”


“Not to mention provide an inspiration about the unix os and its tools and philosophies. Your new script really got me fired up again on learning unix and its tools and the tinkering spirit”

Josh Stephens

“Roman’s tutorials on his page are awesome. Become a patron and support his effort”

Peter Kotrčka

“I like your style, you go to the root!”

Jonas B. Rossi

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