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Check OpenBSD compatible hardware.

Hardware tested on OpenBSD

Toshiba Portege R935-ST4N01

3rd Gen Intel i5
tested by  armandch on 6.3-stable

eth, wifi, video, HDMI, lcd backlight,
headphones, mic, speakers, camera,
kbrd backlight, touchpad,
usb, sd, battery, ZZZ, zzz

Dell XPS 15

15", 7th Gen Intel i7

tested by  wezm on 6.3-current (2018-04-19)

eth        n/a
cam        not tested
hdmi       not tested
usb-c      not tested
fpr        no
headphones no
wifi       no
ZZZ        no
mic        no
speakers   no
zzz        had to run netstart after resuming, ok
battery    can't read status
lcd        backlight at 100%, ok

kbrd       keyboard backlight, mute, vol up/down, ok
video      ok
trackpad   ok
usb        ok
sd         ok

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