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Hi, my name is Roman. I run a job board and make tutorials for BSD users. I'm fan of OpenBSD, POSIX-shell, and vi.

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How to host a website on GitHub Pages

Want to make your website? I suggest you start with GitHub Pages.

It gives you full control and convenience, and it is future-proof: when you want to move your site to your servers, just copy your files to a new place; no lock-ins.

With GitHub Pages you can set any URL for every page. You can use your custom domain.

GitHub Pages doesn't use databases. Nothing to configure. Your content is a bunch of plain text files and HTML templates. It is much easier to backup text files than databases and you can edit your pages offline in any text editor.

You can start blogging in a minute. There's nothing to install, and you don't need to mess around with HTML or CSS. If you don't have an account at GitHub, all you need is your email address and few more minutes.

  1. Start by forking Jekyll Minimalist website boilerplate.
  2. Write your first post and publish it.
  3. Share the link with your friends. (This is where social media sites can be useful.)