Strong password generator

diceware is a POSIX-compliant shell script. It generates a random combination of words from the predefined list. It uses /dev/urandom as the source of entropy, so make sure your operating system provides good enough randomness.

Download and run diceware. Assuming ./bin is in PATH.

$ cd bin
$ ftp
$ chmod +x diceware
$ diceware
uerrilla agnostic backdoor glove jealous mummy myth sloth

On every run it generates a random 8-word pass phrase. You can write this phrase down, just memorize it, or you can pipe it to your favorite password manager:

$ diceware | pass import twitter

Each word adds about 10 bits of entropy, so for passwords use 8 words or more. Need more words? Easy:

$ diceware 20
khaki hemoglobin artichoke cyclist coverless dictionary
vegetable sardine datebook ruined purse cytoplasm
absorbing narrator snapshot smitten cuticle journal
fiscally neither

See also

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