Roman Zolotarev

macOS Keychain
As a developer, you are joggling many API keys and access tokens. Where to store them securely?

SSH keys
If you are using short DSA or RSA keys, it’s time to generate new ones. It takes few minutes.

GitHub and command line
Want to learn about using GitHub from command line? Then you may find these tips and hints useful.

How to use Jekyll for documentation, blogs, or any kind of websites. You may like it.

Touch typing
How I learned to type properly and then a few weeks later relearned again.

Start with Elm
Make your first Elm app and setup your development environment with live reload.

Fast web
As a web developer, you have to focus on one million different things. It is easy to forget about performance optimization, especially when you are working against deadlines. This recipe is a good starting point to make the web faster.

A down-to-earth example of functional programming style for absolute beginners. In three flavors vanilla JavaScript, Ramda, and Elm.

Screencasts for programmers
Can watch forever other people working? I can’t help but watch other people teaching.
Introducing plain text format to beginners. I heard, if you write prose and keep your notes in plain text, you live longer and happier life.

Standalone blog
Restarting my website. Here is why and how to setup a blog.

About this site
Curious about my process?

Hi, my name is Roman and I make stuff for the web. If you like what you are reading here, subscribe to my handcrafted newsletter.

Now I am learning about smart contracts and blockchain. Expect an update once a month or so.

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