Roman Zolotarev

Hi, my name is Roman. After couple decades of consulting I am making stuff for the web again. Starting from scratch. Now I am experimenting with Elm.

Pagination — A down-to-earth example of functional programming style for absolute beginners. In three flavors vanilla JavaScript, Ramda, and Elm.

RSS to Email — Automating my newsletter delivery with Jekyll and Campaign Monitor. Thank you, dear robots, now I can focus on writing… Hmm, can you do the writing? Not yet? Okay. — Introducing plain text format to beginners. I heard, if you write prose and keep your notes in plain text, you live longer and happier life.

Screencasts for programmers — Can watch forever other people working? I can’t help but watch other people teaching.

Standalone blog — Restarting my website. Here is why and how to setup a blog.

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